Top 30 foreign universities in the Middle East

  1. Middlesex University Dubai

It is the campus of the Middlesex University which is the British university. Its campus opened in Dubai 2005 with more than 35,000 students.  This university has different schools of business, law, accounting and finance, science and technology, media, health and education and art and design. The school of business include BA ad BSc in business management, project management, human resources, finance and many other business degrees. The school of science and technology include BSc Honors information technology, psychology with counselling skills and MSc engineering management. The university licensed by KHDA belongs to the Dubai government.

  1. Murdoch University

It is the university in Dubai which was founded in 1918. It linked with different faculties which include engineering and material science, media engineering and technology, applied science and arts. Pharmacy and biotechnology and information engineering and technology faculties. It also offers scholarships and other facilities to their students. It has bigger courts, laboratories and libraries for the students to provide the best educational environment to them.

  1. New York University Abu Dhabi

This is the portal campus of the New York University that serves as the private art college located in UAE. It was established in 2010 in Abu Dhabi. The university announced the intention to open the branch campus financed by the government of UAE. This university offers the 22 majors courses in Arts and Humanities, Engineering and social sciences. It offers B.S and B.A-degrees for international and national students. This university is the Desert Falcons home and has men and women team of basketball and football. This university offers education in Arabic and English language in the UAE.

  1. University of Aberdeen

This university is the public university of Scotland. It is founded in 1495. It has the campus in Qatar which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. This university lies in top-ranked universities among the top 200 universities of World. This university has the campus in Doha Qatar which offer courses in Arabic and English languages. It offers the Business, medicine and law degrees. The arts ad social sciences offer the best degrees of this university which include history, philosophy, literature, modern language and film and culture.

  1. Amity University, Noida

This is the private university located in the Noida, India. This was established in 2005 and offer different courses of graduate and undergraduate level. In 2016, it was ranked in 216 by QS World University Rankings. It was the first university of India which implement the scholarships for the students. It has more than 7,000 students in undergraduate and graduates degrees.

  1. Curtin University

It is the Australian research university named after Prime Minister John Curtin of Australia. It has the campus in Dubai which has more than 5000 international and national students enrolled. Australian Ambassador opened the UAE campus in 2017. The courses use unit curriculum and same structure as offered in the main Bentley campus. The university offers Bachelors and Masters in accounting, marketing, management, Civil and Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, education, design and environment, Pharmacy and biomedical science. It also provides transport services. It consists of the library, grounds and courts for the students.

  1. Northumbria University

It is the public UK university located in England. This university established in 1877. This university organized in different facilities Business and Law, Design and Social Sciences, Health and Life Science and Engineering. The university has entrepreneurial and innovative degrees which help the students for business start-ups. The faculty of the university comprised of qualified groups of the national and international students who experience the American style of higher education. This university offers programs in English languages.

  1. University of Calgary

This university is a public university located in Canada. It was founded in 1908. This university has many campuses all over the world.  It maintains different faculties and departments which include the Faculty of Arts, law, business and medicine. The university’s Qatar campus offers graduate and undergraduate programs. The offered programs are foundation program, bachelor of nursing, master in nursing and diploma in the nursing program. The university is financially and socially accountable for the actions to students, sponsors, staff and partners. It offers innovative and flexible opportunities to develop a nursing career.

  1. London business University

The main campus of the university is in the UK. The Bahrain campus offers undergraduate and graduate programs of business and engineering. The university offers bachelor programs in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, management and accounting. The postgraduate programs of the university include master’s in business administration, masters of science in marketing, Master of Science in finance, master of accounting and PhD in business administration.

  1. MODUL University of Dubai

This University is in Vienna and it has a campus in the UAE. MODUL University recognized as Austria’s private international university and owned by Vienna Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The university pays the attention for ensuring the innovative education, international partnerships and profound research. It also has a foundation program which provides the student for the smooth transition into the bachelor’s programs.

  1. Rochester Institute of Technology

It is the satellite campus of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai. The graduate’s programs include design, art and architecture, engineering technology, business management, communication and digital media, game design and development and film, animation and photography. It also offers an online graduate program with an ability to work and study at the convenience. RIT make career objectives and also expand opportunities. The PhD programs based on a strong foundation in disciplines which enriched by the interdisciplinary research and education in arts and humanities.

  1. University of Bradford

This university is the public research university in Bradford, England. In 1966, it received the royal character. Its student includes more than 25000 international and national students of undergraduate and postgraduate students. The university has industry and academic experts that shape the future of different sectors. Its curriculum designed with the input from different industry partners and experts that develop the skills and have valued employers to gain plenty of practical experiences.

  1. HEC Paris in Qatar

It was founded in 1881. It offers the management programs taught in the English language and designed to suit the professional programs. It ranked one of the top providers of the executive education programs. The MBA is the intense program offered by the university to give the understanding of economic, environmental and social aspects. The university improved the organizational and educational capacities that increase the enrollments.

  1. The German University of Technology in Oman

The university is the private university in Muscat, Oman. This university has collaborated with the German university RWTH Aachen which is one of the best universities in Europe. It also offers programs in German and English languages. This university offers undergraduate and graduate programs which include Bachelors in mechanical, process and environmental engineering and Computer science, logistics and Applied geoscience. It also offers Masters in computer science, applied geosciences and business administration. The university has several departments like computer science, engineering, tourism and service management, applied geoscience and urban, planning and architecture.

  1. Majan University

This university is affiliated with the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. It offers accounting, internet, finance, marketing, networking and computer applications. This campus has a five-storey building that has laboratories, classrooms and auditorium.  It is famous for its sports team in basketball, volleyball swimming and table tennis. It facilitates its students with grounds and courts. This institute is the subsidiary of the human investment corporation. Majan located on a single campus in the Darsait that is the home to the multicultural community with hundreds of staff from different countries.

  1. Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of religion

It is Jewish seminary in Israel. It is the campus of the university in Los Angeles, England. It is the center of innovation for the Jewish life and it has non-profit professionals which have a strong vision to make the Jewish community larger. It offers religions programs of the Jewish community and develops the skills of innovation and social conscience among the leaders.

  1. The British University in Egypt

It is the Private university in Egypt which was established in 2005. This is the campus of top-ranked UK university. This provides education in the British style. This university becomes the leading board teaching spectrum in the Middle East. It offers higher education and develops skills and knowledge in their students. It offers bachelors programs of arts and humanities, engineering, dentistry, ICS, Law, Nursing and pharmacy. It also offers masters programs in operative dentistry and endodontics. It has the embarked to transform the university into the research institute by creating the research centers.

  1. Canadian international university

This university was established in 2004. CIC is the campus of Canadian university Cape Breton University. This university supports scientific research and also gain community trust. It has a vibrant campus which reflects the students and interests. It is the busy campus which engages the students and helps them to foster their skills and friendships. It offers engineering, business administration, mass communication and computer science programs. It also offers scholarships to deserving students. It provides the preparation courses for the engineering test and it has the chance to review all concepts to process the engineers which allow working in different countries all over the world.

  1. Egyptian Russian University

This university is the private university established in 2006. It works with cooperation with the top Russian universities. It includes the faculty of the pharmacy, engineering, dental medicine and management. It enhances and develops the scientific, social, artistic and cultural skills to qualified as the graduates to meet market requirements. It has high-standard programs offered in the English language. It offers bachelors and masters degrees to students.

  1. German University in Cairo

It is the campus of German university the university of Stuttgart. The German university in Cairo establishes in 2002. It offers several programs and leadership in the degrees of bachelors, masters and PhD. The programs designed with German standards. GUC offers excellent degree programs to international and national students. It also promotes the reputation to be among the best universities in Egypt.

  1. American University of Beirut

It is the private university campus of New York University. It has the campus located in Beirut, Lebanon. It offers all leading programs of undergraduate and graduate degrees. It has more than 9,000 students and more than 1,000 faculty members. The faculties of AUB includes faculty of health science, medicine, food sciences and agricultural and arts and sciences. It provides excellence in education to participate in the advancement of knowledge by research and also serves international and national students. It encourages freedom and seeks to foster respect and tolerance for dialogue and diversity.

  1. New Giza University

This university has a partnership with the King’s College London and University College London. This private university established in 2016 in Egypt. It has more than 100 students in every department. It offers bachelor degrees in Information technology, business and finance, dentistry, pharmacy medicine and economics and politics. It creates the community of the interdisciplinary researchers, students and professors that foster the excellence and motivation innovation. The community spreadhead scientific and academic advancement across the world. It also explores the challenging international awareness with creative concepts. It has the library which supports the teaching and research. It consists of the more than 500 books on business, politics and economies.

  1. Columbia University

This is the private university in Lebanon which was established in 1752. It is the campus of League research university in New York. This university ranked among the best universities in the world. It engages minds in the pursuit of human understanding and pioneers the discoveries. This university offers a comprehensive and outstanding array of degree programs. It includes undergraduate and graduates degrees. It has more than 15 schools which include engineering and applied science, Columbia law school, dental medicine college, International and public affairs school and school of general studies. The departments of the university are art history, chemical engineering, biomedical and many more departments.

  1. New York Institute of Technology

It is the private university in UAE. The main campus of the university is in New York which is one of the top-ranked universities of the world. This university offers undergraduate. Masters and PhD degrees to international and national students. It also offers doctoral programs and has many colleges and schools. Some of the colleges are arts and science, computer science, engineering and osteopathic medicine. Its programs encourage students to become professionals in future. It also encourages critical creativity and the growth mindset to prepare next-generation professionals.

  1. Lebanese American University

It is the private American University in Lebanon. The main campus is in New York. The Lebanon campus offers major business and engineering programs. It has a school of architecture and design, engineering, arts and sciences and business. The library of the university consists of thousands of records and books of different subjects. It supports the integration of research and educational community and processes through proving the academic programs. To enrich knowledge and make ethics and moral values of society by the framework of community and responsibility partnership.

  1. Modern University for business and science

This university was established in 2000 in Lebanon. It the campus of famous Canadian University MECAT. It offers a bachelor of science in graphic design, information security, computer science, banking, marketing, business administration and economics and also offers bachelors of arts in educational management, social work, math and sciences ad Arabic and social studies.

  1. Brigham Young University

It is the campus of New York University located in Israel. It offers more than 170 undergraduate and more than 60 masters programs to national and international students. BYU is famous for its athletic teams and won many national championship awards. The university offers the career-oriented and academic programs that enable for meeting the country’s requirements for the workforce.

  1. New York University

It is the largest university in the United States which has the campus in Israel. It is organized into more than 20 schools which include numerous graduate and undergraduate schools. It has many research centers in the fields of history, medicine, economics, mathematics, artificial intelligence and philosophy. Its school and college offer different programs which include arts and science, business, social work, culture and human development and liberal studies.

  1. University of Indianapolis

This private university established in 1902. It offers all masters, bachelors and doctoral degrees. It offers more than 82 majors for an undergraduate degree which include business, education, engineering, nursing, arts and sciences, physical therapy and health sciences. The staff of the university committed to supporting the students by the leadership team.

  1. Yeshiva University

It is the private university established in 1886. This university has different schools of business, engineering and history. It is the oldest university of the United States that opened its campus in Israel. It offers Bachelors in accounting and finance and masters in nursing, neonatal and many different programs. It offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses to international and national students.

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