Top Universities of Bahrain


In this report we will discuss the top 25 universities in Bahrain. We will primarily focus on the background, degree programs, academic curriculum and their global ranking. Figure 1 shows that the Kingdom of Bahrain has about ten private and four public colleges and universities in 2014. The number of private universities increased to 13 in 2018 ( Amna Puri-Mirza, 2020)

Figure 1: Higher education institutes in Bahrain by Type

University of Bahrain:

It is the top ranked leading university of Bahrain, and it is ranked on 213 in the global ranking of universities as shown in figure 2 (University of Bahrain, 2020). The university is focused on innovation and economic development of the country. The university is well known for the extensive research and development according to the changes in the external environment. In this regard, they have developed their curriculum according to the changing industry dynamics. They are focused to deliver the quality education to improve the competitiveness of the Saudi labor force. Moreover the university is aligning its curriculum with the sustainable economic growth of the country.

The university offers associate diploma, bachelors, masters and doctorate programs in arts, science business, information technology, engineering, law, and Sports sciences (The World University Ranking, 2020)

Figure 2: Global Ranking of University of Bahrain

Arabian Gulf University:

It is the second largest university, which was founded by General Convention of Arab Education in 1979. This convention founded the University for the Human Development for the Arab region in compliance of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The university published scientific research articles in the international journals and won many awards from the international forum. Moreover they also massively invested in the financing of mega housing projects for university students. The figure 3 shows that the university offers graduate and post graduate and doctoral program in the medical sciences, biotechnology, life sciences, and technology management, languages, social sciences, business, mathematics and natural sciences (Edu Rank)

Figure 3: Degree Program in Arabian Gulf University

Ahlia University:

The government of Bahrain licensed the private university, Ahlia University in February 2003. It is ranked at third number in the universities of Bahrain. The university is well known for the degree programs and international collaboration. The primary objective of the university is to provide quality education to students. The university offers undergraduate, post graduate, and PhD programs in different field of study. Undergraduate programs of the university are offered in the following fields;

  • Computer Sciences
  • Mass communication
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Economics
  • Banking and Finance
  • Business and Management Studies
  • Information Technology

While the university offers post graduate programs in Business administration, information technology, and Engineering Management.

Applied Science University:

It is the fourth largest university of Bahrain, which gained its license from minister council of Bahrain in 2004. The university is focused to deliver quality academic programs to meet the local and regional need. The have the strong vision to provide extensive support to the scientific and practical research. Moreover, the university is engaged in scientific research and development.

The university offers graduate programs in graphic designing, law, business, management, accounting, banking, finance, civil engineering. Also, they offer master programs in human resource management, business administration, accounting and finance.

Royal University for Women:

It is the fifth largest university of Bahrain which was founded to provide education to women in Kingdom of Bahrain. The university has the vibrant environments which are training leaders, and decision makers. The primary focus of the university is to work for the human development and social well-being.

The university offers undergraduate and post graduate programs in the field of arts, business, information technology, financial services, and engineering department. Moreover the university has the scientific research council which are responsible for ensuring the quality of research in the university. The university also offers some scholarships and exchange programs for facilitating the students.

Bahrain Institute of Banking & Finance:

This institute plays a critical role in the training of human capital in Bahrain. They are committed to provide quality education services to all the students from business field. They also providing their advisory services to the international institutions related to accounting, banking, finance, and business industries. The policies of the institute is centered towards to become the world class business professional.

The institute offers bachelors, and master programs related to business, accounting and finance. Moreover they also provide short courses, customized training, and professional qualification to students and business executives. The customized training in the university is based on the individual business goals and objectives. These training sessions helps the business executives to solve complex problems and to outperform in their industry.

The university is providing a culture of entrepreneurship and development to equip the youth to bring new ideas. Moreover, these innovative ideas are then leads towards the creation of their new business startups.

Bahrain Polytechnic:

 It is the seventh largest university of Bahrain which was founded by the King hamad bin Isa in 2008. This university is under the control of Board of Trustee, which are pioneered by Shaikh Hisham bin Abdulaziz. The university was formed to provide qualification certificates to the bachelors in the field of Polytechnic.

Government of Bahrain formed the university to improve the technical expertise of polytechnic graduates. In this way, they aimed to improve the quality of Bahrain labor force to achieve sustainable economic growth and diversification.

The university is offering bachelor’s degree in the field of business, engineering technology, web media, logistics management and visual design. Moreover they are providing professional certification in the academic field.

Moreover the university has well developed virtual learning platform for the online courses, and workshops.

Gulf University:

The university was founded to provide quality education to the students. They are offering the best academic curriculum to meet with the international standard. In 2001, the university gained the official registration through cabinet decree.

The university aim to extend the scope of higher education across the border, by extensive scientific research.

The university offers graduate programs in human resource management, mass communication, accounting and finance, and design engineering. Moreover the university is contributing to research according to international standard. In this regard, the university has its own international journals to publish research in mass communication, accounting and finance, and interior design engineering.

Kingdom University:

It is the private university in Bahrain which was licensed in 2001. The university is gaining academic excellence by providing quality education. They are adaptive to the changing market conditions, in this way they are continuously advancing their academic curriculum to meet with the international standard.

The university is proactively engaged with the international higher education for more than six years for collaborative exchange programs. Currently, Kingdom University is a member of IUC (International University Council).

The university offers bachelors program in business management, accounting, finance, interior design, law, banking, and architectural engineering.

The students of Kingdom University have won many international awards in academic and extracurricular activities. One of the major international prize won by the university in 2009, is the architectural contest in designing of Mosques.

Ama International University of Bahrain:

It is the globally recognized university who is committed to provide quality education across the country. The university is committed to provide practical knowledge and expertise to its students. They are promoting the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation in the university to promote new ideas. The core value of the university is centered towards creating excellence, creativity, collaboration, engagement, and integrity.

The university offers graduate programs in engineering, technology, computer, and business studies. Moreover, the university has the large scope in the socio economic research which positively contributes to the economic growth of Bahrain. In this regard, the university has created a five year plan to meet the strategic requirements of applied research.

Arab Open University:

The university has the broad network in the field of science and technology. They are committed to promote the quality education according to the international standard. They have a strong vision to equip their graduates according to the demand in the market.

The university has strategic goals and objectives to achieve the total quality of education in the academic curriculum. Further, they are developing bilateral ties with international institutions to achieve shared goals and objectives. Moreover, the university is promoting research in the academic fields according to international standards.

The university is offering graduate and post graduate program in business, computer and language studies.

Omega College:

The college was registered and approved by Ministry of Education of Bahrain. It is also the active member of Tertiary Institution in Bahamas. Further, the college has signed some agreements with the Kings University in Canada to increase the scope of research and development.

Moreover, the university has the experienced faculty members to deliver the knowledge and expertise to the students. These professionals are from different fields like business executives, educators and trainers.

Omega College also offers some college preparatory program in some academic fields like, English, Mathematics, commerce, history, religious studies, and geography.

Omega College aims to provide high quality education by unlocking the potential of students. They have developed integrated learning program to increase the scope of education. Further they are polishing the skills of leadership to provide them with rewarding career.

The college provides bachelor’s degree in management, accounting, business, economics, and finance.

Medical University of Bahrain:

It is the private university which was established in 1784, and licensed by the higher education commission of Bahrain. This university is providing health science education, and extensive research and development. The university is well known for producing quality graduates across the world.

The university offers graduate and post graduate programs in health sciences which are aligned with international health standard. The graduate programs include the bachelors in medicine, nursing, and medical commencement program. Moreover, the university offers postgraduate programs in nursing, healthcare management and safety management in health care.

Talal Abu Ghazaleh University College of Business:

It is the premier university in Bahrain, which aims to develop the business leader in Bahrain. They are primarily focused too develop the knowledge based economy. They are focused in entrepreneurial development for generating innovation in the university. In this way they are engaging the youth in entrepreneurial startup of their business. Moreover, the university is also providing professional services across the globe which has more than 100 offices in the world.

The university offers advanced level of courses which meet the international curriculum requirement. Ghazaleh University has about 9 departments which offer graduate and post graduate programs. These departments include the logistics, human resources, international accounting, management, banking, finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship and general courses foundation.

Moreover the university is massively contributing to the research and development in each department. The researchers of the university are primarily concerned in the applied research in the gulf region and across the world. The major area of concern of these researches is mainly interlinked with economics, finance and business.

Ranking of Bahrain Universities

The ranking of Bahrain universities is shown in figure 4. This figure shows that the University of Bahrain is the leading university in the top thirteen Bahrain universities. Omega College is placed at last because it has least reviews. The ranking of these universities are according to the ranking web of universities which provide university of ranking of global universities (Ranking Web of Universities, 2020)

Figure 4: Ranking of Baharain University


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