Top 30 universities in Qatar


There is any growing number of universities in Qatar. Qatar is the home of branch campuses that run by the overseas institutions and clustered at the Education City having the large campuses of the education institutes.

  1. Qatar university

Qatar university stands out as the leader of all universities in Qatar. It was established in 1973 in urban Qatar. This university is a non-profit institution that offers different programs and courses leading to recognized education degrees like bachelor degree in different subjects. This university offers a bachelor in arts and humanities, business and social science, medicine and health and engineering. It only provides undergraduate degrees and no master degree. The academic program taught in Arabic and English languages. It facilitates with libraries, laboratories and al technical equipment.

  1. Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar

This education institute established in 2001. It prepares students to excel in different areas. Their efforts focused to deliver the world-class education that enhanced the research experience in the clinical training and laborites in prestigious institutions in the US and Qatar. This university provides the finest education for the medical students and also conduct research in health care department.

  1. Hamad Bin Khalifa University

This university is founded in 2010. HBKU has different college which offers graduate and undergraduate degrees. The university has a college of Islamic studies, science and engineering, law, humanities and social sciences and health and life sciences. The university builds the interdisciplinary colleges that comprise the learning and research community which experience the benefits in research education.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar

In 2004, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar founded with a higher population range of inhabitants. The university offers the undergraduate programs in business administration, biological sciences, computer sciences, information systems and computational biology. It is the top-rated university that sets the course programs which inspire collaboration and creativity.

  1. Texas A&M University at Qatar

It was established in 2003 in Qatar. This university works to enrich the natural resources and help the country to achieve the National 2030 vision. The students receive training programs enrolled at the main campus. The engineering programs also offered in the university which includes mechanical, electrical, petroleum and computer engineering. Texas A&M University at Qatar offers the science and liberal arts graduate degrees. The institute generates intellectual capital and new knowledge by the innovative research and partnerships which sustain the impact.

  1. Virginia commonwealth University school of arts in Qatar

This university founded in 1998 by the partnership with the Qatar Foundation. VCUQatar offers students opportunities to get bachelor and master degrees. The university offers a bachelor of fine arts in fashion design, interior design, printmaking, painting and graphic design and bachelor of arts degree in art history and masters in designing. It has a substantial involvement with design industries and has a significant catalyst for growth. The university also cultivates the dynamic environment of learning, community and research engagement which propels the development of designers and artists.

  1. Northwestern University in Qatar

This university founded in 2008 and ranked in 11 number in the Top best universities in the world. It offers an undergraduate degree in Bachelor of Science degrees in communication and journalism. Northwestern University in Qatar provides a flexible framework developing by the range of different skills towards highest potentials. The staff of the university committed to supporting the students by the leadership team.

  1. College of North Atlantic Qatar

It was founded in 2002 in Qatar. It offers diploma programs in engineering technology, business studies, information technology and health sciences. It also offers Bachelor in engineering which includes electrical, telecommunications, chemical and mechanical engineering. The requirements for the operation training addressed by the technology and chemical processing programs. It is consisting of different colleges of business and engineering. This school recognized as the leader in the English language in the Gulf region and exceed the international standards for excellence by responding to the requirements of the individual learners.

  1. Georgetown University in Qatar

Georgetown University in Qatar is the non-profit university founded in 2005. GU-Q provides professional opportunities to the students and promotes ethical, spiritual and intellectual growth. The company recognized as a leading academic institution for international affairs through demonstrating the excellence in research and teaching. It offers different programs in an undergraduate degree which include a bachelor of science in Foreign service, executive education and programs for the high school.

  1. Doha Institute for graduate studies

This university established in 2014. Doha Institute for graduate studies has a school of public administration and development economics and social sciences and humanities. DI operate for research, public service and educational services. DI offers the masters in humanitarian action and conflict management. It is the learning institute for research and learning in fields of humanities and social sciences in Doha.

  1. HEC Paris in Qatar

It was founded in 1881. It offers the management programs taught in the English language and designed to suit the professional programs. It ranked one of the top providers of the executive education programs. The MBA is the intense program offered by the university to give the understanding of economic, environmental and social aspects. The university improved the organizational and educational capacities that increase the enrollments. It also conferred the diplomas on the four hundred graduates. The university comprised of the 41 members of faculty which established for laying the foundation for the proposed future of the university.

  1. The University of Calgary in Qatar

This university founded in 2007 in Qatar. The university ensures degrees awarded by UCQ which is equal to the highest standard of the nursing degrees. The offered programs are foundation program, bachelor of nursing, master in nursing and diploma in the nursing program. It maintains different faculties and departments which include Faculty of Arts, law, business and medicine. This university model for excellence in the international practice, scholarship and nursing. The university is financially and socially accountable for the actions to students, sponsors, staff and partners. It offers innovative and flexible opportunities to develop a nursing career. It is among the top best universities in 2018 ranking of the world.

  1. University College London Qatar

It is founded in 1826. The university is the leading university and ranked on 7th number in QS world university rankings. UCL offers undergraduate and graduate degrees. The innovative postgraduate degree programs are creative and challenging to produce a motivated and skilled professional.

  1. City University College

It was founded in 2018 in Doha Qatar. This offers UK degrees in Doha by Higher Education and Ministry of Education. It offers Bachelor degrees in the Busines Studies and prepares the career in the business management in commerce or any public sector. The courses of the institute include Computing, Entrepreneurship and small business management, computing and application development and business. The graduates of the institute possess the combination of the skills and knowledge that is attractive to the wider range of potential employers.

  1. Academic Bridge Program

It was established in 2001. It has more than 2500 students for undergraduate and graduates degrees. The mission is to provide the graduate students in Qatar with personal and academic skills for success in future. It helps the students to boost the motivation level by developing different skills. It offers courses in English language and it partners with other universities in Qatar to offer the cross-registration.

  1. Doha Film Institute (DFI)

This is dedicated to the film appreciation, building film and education industry in Qatar which focuses on the nurturing the global scope. It provides the training courses to students. It gives filmmakers a good chance to participate in the training and workshops. It provides production, post-production and development funding to the filmmakers from Qatar. The goal of DFI is to provide technical and creative training by learning initiatives.

  1. American Education Center

It was founded on the belief that each student has an excellent quality to learn. It was founded in 2005. The IELTS staff helped 400 students to improve their study habits. It provides the learning skills and also focuses on the language section for developing the best abilities and skills. It writing module provided to the students help to develop and practice strategies and skills to achieve the best possible scores in the writing and speaking tests.

  1. Stenden University of Applied Sciences

This university offers Bachelor programs in the Business Administration with the majors in International Hospitality Management, Tourism Management and International Business and the Management Studies. It offers graduate and master’s degrees to international and national students. The popular fields of the Stenden University of Applied Sciences are Engineering Studies, Management Studies, Technology Studies, Business Studies, Social Studies, Economics Studies, Education, Humanities Studies, Design Studies and Natural Sciences. It offers Bachelor’s degrees I biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, mathematics and business and law. The Bachelors of the Arts degree associated with the majors like humanities, history, literature and other social sciences courses. This university offers the student-centred approach to education being equipped with many facilities.

  1. Guglielmo Marconi University

This university has the branch in Doha. It is a world-class institute in innovation and international research. It provides innovative learning and advanced technological solution to international and national students in Doha. The mission of the university is to provide affordable and innovative degree programs to students. The university offers MBA programs which include Masters of Business Administration, MBA in marketing and MBA in healthcare management.

  1. Qatar Aeronautical University

It was founded in 1975 as a Civil Aviation institute. It offers full-time courses for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers, Pilots, Meteorologists, Flight Dispatchers and airport operations management. It offers Bachelor degrees in engineering, culturology, management, IT, physics and mathematics. It has highly qualified teachers and working staff. It possesses the world-class learning training for the aviation industry. It offers multitude of courses that depend on the requirements of prospective students. QAS become Gulf region’s leading university in aviation education along with the training for the aviation industry.

  1. German University of Qatar

This University is the research public university which was founded in 1868. It offers bachelor degrees in Civil, architecture, computer and electrical engineering. It also offers medicine and healthcare programs. Its facilities students with grounds, courts and auditorium and have teams of tennis, basketball and football games. It has a large library which consists of more than 500 books. It offers programs of undergraduate and graduates degrees to national and international students in Qatar.

  1. Community College of Qatar

It was established in 2010. The mission provides a wider array of educational opportunities for the students. It offers 2 years diploma programs that enable the students to transfer the full degree at the university level. The university offers the career-oriented and academic programs that enable for meeting the country’s requirements for the workforce.

  1. University of Aberdeen

This university has the campus in Doha Qatar which offer courses in Arabic and English languages. It offers the Business, medicine and law degrees. The arts ad social sciences offer the best degrees of this university which include history, philosophy, literature, modern language and film and culture. This university lies in top ranked universities among the top 200 universities of World. The law programs are politics and international relations, sociology and anthropology.  It is the foreign university in Qatar and the educational level and courses of the programs associated with the foreign university.

  1. Northumbria University

This is a foreign university in Qatar. It offers the best international courses in the English language. It is the research-rich, professional and business-focused university with the global reputation for academic excellence.  The university has fantastic educational student experiences and has the career edge. The university has entrepreneurial and innovative degrees which help the students for business start-ups. The faculty of the university comprised of qualified groups of the national and international students who experience the American style of higher education.

  1. Islamic online university

It was established in 2007 as the higher education institute which offers the online graduate and undergraduate programs with fewer tuition fees. This university spread beneficial knowledge which is affordable and also empower the entire communities. It offers bachelors and master’s degrees in different fields. It offers B.Sc in Psychology, Arabic language. Information technology, economic, finance and baking and business administration. It offers a master degree of arts in Islamic studies. The mission of the university is to change the Muslim nation by Islamized and appropriate education. It also offers scholarships to outstanding students and ensures the provision of the best quality education of Islamic studies.

  1. Liverpool john Moores university

It offers undergraduate and graduate degrees to national and international students. In the under graduation, the foundation year is important. It offers research and business courses. It provides the best training and learning education to students for the future world. The university believes in education power for driving the transformation across the cultural, economic and social boundaries. The vision of the university is to be recognized as a modern university that delivers the solutions to different challenges. It offers Bachelors in accounting and finance and masters in nursing, neonatal and many different programs. It offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses to international and national students.

  1. College of dental medicine

It is the first dental medicine college in Qatar. It follows the high-quality courses that line with the international standards and also combine with the teaching methodologies for preparing for the best future. It offers full degree programs with the foundation year. It provides the best dental medicine education to medical students all over the world. It has advanced learning technologies to achieve critical thinking and learning.

  1. College of business and economics

It undertakes its mission to provide quality knowledge and education to the international and national students. It was founded in 1985. It has more than 500 students in different departments of the business. It offers different programs which include finance and economics, management and marketing and accounting and information systems. The university offers bachelor programs in finance, marketing, entrepreneurship, management and accounting. The postgraduate programs of the university include masters in business administration, masters of science in marketing, Master of Science in finance, master of accounting and PhD in business administration.

  1. Syscoms institute Qatar

It offers business courses based on a higher educational level. The information technology courses of the universities include programming, databases, designing, graphic designing, graphic and web designing networking courses. It has the best development and research department which associates with the monitors of future and current requirements of different courses.

  1. NCUK Qatar

It is the university of arts and designs which offers different courses to national and international students. It is the best higher education that benefits the placement services which include the future career of the students. It offers master preparation program, international foundation year, international year one and preparatory programs. The university designed in the collaboration of other top universities of the world and combine the higher academic standards with cultural, social, language and study skills.

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