Healthcare Systems HCM500

Public Health Department Health Sciences College
  HCM500 Course Code: Healthcare Systems Course Name
3 hours Contact Hours 3 credit Hours Credit Hours
  English   Arabic Teaching Language
None Prerequisite Level 1 Course Level
Course Description:

This course provides a broad overview of healthcare system organization from both a micro and macro level. An introduction to the definitions, concepts related to various systems, and contemporary trends and challenges in healthcare delivery are considered. The course will examine the historical evolution and current state of health care systems in the USA, Canada, the EU, and Asia. Areas of study include the introduction to the various forms of provider models and service delivery systems found in private and public health sectors

Course learning outcomes:

1.      Describe global health system regulations with current global challenges and opportunities in ensuring access to healthcare

2.      Define the key constructs related to the concepts of health, health system, global health, diseases and its etiology.

3.      Analyze the healthcare systems of Saudi Arabia, UK , Germany, USA, Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan

4.      Analyze the variables of cost, access, quality, and economic assumptions of healthcare systems.

5.      Evaluate delivering care methods as Medical & Information Technology and managing utilization of these methods.

Major Course Topics:
1.      Academic Writing – Getting Started
2.      Research, Evaluate, Cite, and Write
3.      Defining Health Systems, Global Health, and Disease
4.      Global Health System Regulations
5.      Access to Care
6.      Financing Health Systems
7.      Delivering Care: Medical and Information Technology
8.      Managing Utilization, Controlling Costs, and Other Challenges
9.      Healthcare System of Saudi Arabia
10.  Healthcare System of the United Kingdom
11.  Healthcare System of Germany
12.  Healthcare System of the United States of America
13.  Healthcare Systems of Egypt, Turkey, and Jordan
14.  Comparative Perspectives: International and Saudi Healthcare
  Assignments   Quizzes   Mid-Term Exams Grading:
   Lab Work   Project   Final Exam
Johnson, J. J., Stoskopf, C. & Shi, L. (2018). Comparative Health Systems: A Global Perspective (2nd ed.). Jones and Bartlett Publishers. ISBN 9781284111736

– Howard, R. M. (2018). Writing Matters: A Handbook for Writing and Research (3ed ed.). McGraw-Hill. ISBN 9781259693557

Text Book:
1.      List Essential References Materials (Journals, Reports, etc.) Course Modules for Weeks 1-14

2.      List Recommended Textbooks and Reference Material (Journals, Reports, etc

3.      Murray, C. J. L., & Frenk, J. (2000). A framework for assessing the performance of health systems. Bulletin of the World Health Organization 78(6), 717-731. Retrieved from

Reference Book (s):

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