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Introduction to International Business  

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Credit Hours 3 credit Hours Contact Hours 3
Language Arabic   English
College Req. Dep. Req. Concentration
Level Level 3 Prerequisite None
 Course Description:

 This course addresses the factors that affect international business and business expansion. Discussion topics include demographic, economic, political, natural resource, technology, and cultural characteristics and the role they play in the advancement of multinational enterprises. Challenging business and legal issues in Asia, South and Central America, Europe, the Middle East, and North America including the United States shall be covered in the content presented to


 Course learning outcomes:

1.        Explain the forces driving and evaluate the impact of globalization

2.        Analyze the effects of culture, politics and economic systems in the context of international business


3.       Discuss the reasons for and methods of governments’ intervention in trade

4.       Identify and evaluate the significant trade agreements affecting global commerce

5.       Summarize the components of the international financial market

6.       Identify the major components of international business management

7.       Carry out effective self-evaluation through discussing economic systems in the international business context (Lo. 3.6)

 Course Major Topics:

1.        Introduction

2.        National Differences in Political Economy

3.        Differences in Culture

4.        International Trade Theory

5.        The Political Economy of International Trade

6.        Foreign Direct Investment

7.        Regional Economic Integration

8.        The International Monetary System

9.        The Strategy of International Business

10.     The Organization of International Business

11.     Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade

12.     Global Production, Outsourcing, Logistics and marketing

 Learning Resources

·         Textbook

Hill, C. and Hull, G. T. (2018). International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education

Additional Readings:


Krugman, Obstfeld and Melitz, “International Economics”. 9th Ed. Pearson, 2012.

 Course works (assignments, quizzes, projects, case studies, board discussion):             25%

Midterm exam                                                                                                                                25%

Final Exam                                                                                                                                      50%


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