SEU Introduction to Operations Management ( MGT311 )




College of Administrative & Financial Sciences





Introduction to

Operations Management

Course Name Course Code: MGT311
Credit Hours 3 Credit Hours Contact Hours 3
Language Arabic   English
Track College Req. Dep. Req. Concentration
Level Level 3 Prerequisite MGT101+STAT101
 Course Description:

 Operations Management is one of the three major functions of business including; Marketing, Operations, and Finance/Accounting. This introductory course introduces the student to Operations Management; how products and services are created and delivered to the customer. Concepts and applications of operations management will be explored in a variety of business sectors.

The course aims to familiarize students with the issues and problems confronting the company, especially the operations managers. It will also provide the concepts, insights and tools to deal with these issues for gaining competitive advantages through managing and improving the operational capabilities of the organization.

 Course learning outcomes:


1.        Demonstrate the concept of operations functions, supply chain strategy and issues required for a new production design (LO 1.1)

2.        Exhibit the factors to determine the production and service processes. (LO 1.8)

3.        Demonstrate process-flow analysis, process design solutions, operations strategies in the business operation (LO 1.6)

4.        Exhibit the knowledge of lean system, quality controls and green systems (LO 1.4)

5.        Understand the concept of process selection, forecasting, capacity planning, production forecast methods and schedule operations (LO 1.2 & 1.3)

6.        Demonstrate core competencies of organization, Inventory Control System and customer services and cost (LO 1.7)

7.        Apply knowledge and skills to optimize production objective of maximizing profits using qualitative and quantitative techniques in related areas of operations management (LO 2.3, 2.5 & 2.8)

8.        Exercise critical thinking to analyze and synthesize information for scheduling operations and ERP (LO 2.7)

9.        Exhibit effective leadership skills and teamwork capacity in making decisions, re location and layout strategies, taking cognisance of human resources and work methods/job design (LO 3.3 & 3.4)

10.     Develop numerical skills needed to analyze complex data of process design, quality management, capacity & scheduling planning to navigate in challenging situations (LO 4.1)

11.     Create the capacity to write coherent project about actual operation management case studies (LO 4.5)

12.     Implement technological tools in production models like forecasting, lean manufacturing and world class manufacturing (WCM) to enhance the productivity and communication with other persons involving in operation and also to review their contribution to the

profit. (LO 4.3)


 Course Major Topics:

1.          The Operations Function

2.        Operations and Supply Chain Strategy

3.        Process Selection and design

4.        Lean Systems

5.        Process-Flow Analysis

6.        Quality management, Control and Improvement

7.        Capacity and Scheduling

8.        Supply Chain Management

9.        Forecasting and Facilities and Aggregate Planning

10.     Scheduling Operations

11.     Project Planning and Scheduling

12.     Materials Requirement Planning and ERP

 Learning Resources

·         Textbook

Schroeder,   R.   G.,   M.   J.   Rungtusanatham   &   S.   M.   Goldstein   (2017).   OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT IN THE SUPPLY CHAIN: DECISIONS & CASES. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill



 Course works (assignments, quizzes, projects, case studies, board discussion):             25%

Midterm exam                                                                                                                                25%

Final Exam                                                                                                                                      50%

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