Top 15 MBA programs in KSA 2021

MBA in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Are you looking for an MBA program in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)? Do you aspire to get a master’s degree in business administration and management?

Well, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a higher business graduate study for students belonging to any field of study as long as they stay relevant to their subject matter and corresponding choices for an MBA program.

MBA is a specialized business degree that offers different specialization at later stages of study mainly in Human Resource Management (HRM), Marketing Management, Finance and Supply Chain Management (SCM). These categories are further divided into different fields of study based on the respective choices and preferences of the students to lead a prospective and relevant career in a particular field or industry.

MBA degree program around the world is mainly offered at the university level after the completion of 16 years of education. However, in some countries, 14 years of education are also eligible to get admission in MBA. Admission in an MBA program is usually followed by an aptitude test through which the business institutions and universities evaluate the students.

The total duration of the MBA program in KSA is 2 years while the total time faor completion is almost 6 years during which a student can claim its degree to ensure relevance with the ongoing study programs.

The importance of an MBA degree has increased during the course of time, with more and more business activities relying on effective management and incorporation of financial management tools and methods to facilitate business growth and development. Also, the number of businesses has increased several folds during the past few years. The competition is high in almost every business industry for which both fresh and experience business graduates are required in KSA and around the world to meet the increasing demand.

KSA has a large number of universities offering an MBA degree. However, the varying fields of study and their mutual aspects with the business processes and activities have created a demand for different MBA programs that are specialized and offer a combination of business administration and other fields of study requiring business.

Keeping in mind the recent changes in the business environment and the demand to relate the relevant fields of study with business studies, a large number of universities in KSA offer MBA programs in different fields and categories. These programs are designed to meet the industry needs and career development of young and experienced students who are eager to learn more within their domains combining them with business administration and management.

Here is a list of Top 15 MBA programs in KSA 2021:

1. MBA in Global Banking and Finance

Do you aspire to become a global finance management expert? This opportunity best suits your needs if you are looking for an MBA in financial management considering the global trends and perspectives.

The Exeed College in Saudi Arabia offers an MBA in global banking and finance. It is a full-time and part-time combined mode study program offered with both on-campus and online modes of study. Students are required to complete 30 credit hours in which the specialization courses weigh 12 credit hours usually offered in the last semester.

The program is designed for career progression in global banking and financial management for professionals who seek major roles and opportunities in their mid-career level development.

2. MBA in Engineering Management

Ever think of how engineering management goes with business administration? Here is an MBA program offered at Westford University College, Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The MBA in Engineering Management is a specially designed program for engineering managers to be trained on general management and business aspects of engineering firms.

MBA in engineering management is offered in a combined-study mode for which the students can take both on-campus and online classes. The duration of this program is 18 months and it offers both general and specialized management courses.

3. Master of Business Administration

The master of business administration is a degree program to enhance the theoretical and practical knowledge base of fresh students. It is offered at Dar Al-Hekam University in KSA as a full-time and part-time degree in business management. The classes are taken on-campus with an ever-new opportunity to expose students to business, management, marketing and finance subjects.

The MBA is a 2 year degree program under the rules defined by the education ministry in KSA. It is also attributed to international standards to prepare future leaders and management graduates.

4. MBA in Data Analytics

Technology has changed the way people do business and combine the newly emerging fields with business subjects. Data analytics is relatively a newer subject for business students; however it equips them with data analysis tools and techniques to enhance their analytical skills.

This program is offered by Westford University in KSA and it is a one-year full-time degree to develop and manage data of business products and services in different fields.

5. Executive MBA

Al Yamamah University in Saudi Arabia offers the Executive MBA program for 2 years degree in business administration. It is designed for the early and mid-career professional who is willing to learn new leadership and management skills to improve career progression.

6. MBA in Health Care Management

Healthcare businesses are thriving across the world considering a large number of hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare units operating privately to earn revenues. The use of business management is highly endorsed in decision-making in the healthcare sector to improve financial efficiency and market position.

So, the MBA in healthcare management caters to these needs and offers a great career in the healthcare sector to young graduates and professionals.

7. MBA in quality management

MBA in quality management is offered by Westford University College in KSA. It equips students and professionals on change management, leadership and quality management. It is a full-time degree program leading to quality management certifications in similar fields.

8. MBA Accounting and Finance

A full-time 2 year MBA program offered by Exeed College, Saudi Arabia. MBA Accounting and Finance offers higher-level studies in accounting and financial management with a special focus on monitoring, planning and accounting. It helps students analyze financial targets and prepare monthly accounting reports to determine the change in financials.

9. MBA Health and Safety Leadership

An internationally accredited MBA degree program recognized by international health institutions for health leadership and management. MBA health and safety leadership focuses on workplace safety, enterprise risk management and safety leadership. It is offered as both full-time and part-time degree programs for 2 years in KSA.

10. MBA Energy and Sustainability

A one-year MBA in energy and sustainability is designed for professionals working in the energy sector to help them understand the sustainable energy needs and requirements to maintain suitability in the energy sector. The completion of this program will be accredited with a post-graduate diploma in energy and sustainability from Cambridge International.

11. MBA Operations and Project Management

Exeed College offers MBA in Operations and Project Management in a hybrid mode for online and on-campus classes. It is one of the top MBA degree programs in KSA 2021. The MBA in operations and project management is designed for business management professionals for career progression.

12. MBA Marketing Management

MBA marketing management is designed for early and mid-career marketing professionals as a 1-year study program to enhance their theoretical and practical aspects of marketing. It is offered as a full-time and part-time MBA degree program in KSA.

13. MBA Supply Chain Management

A one-year MBA degree program in supply chain management designed for supply chain managers and experienced professionals for better career development and growth opportunities. It equips the students with the necessary skills of supply chain and management relating them with industry experience and analytics.

14. MBA General Management

Business and management professionals need a better understanding of theoretical aspects of their fields during career progression for which the MBA General Management program is designed. It is among the top MBA degree program in KSA 2021.

15. MBA International Busines

A 12 month MBA degree program offered by Westford University in KSA 2021. It is offered in a hybrid model with the opportunity to attend classes full-time and part-time considering the ease of the business professionals. MBA international business is extended to a post-graduate diploma in international business awarded by Cambridge International to eligible students upon completion.


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