American University of Kuwait


The American University of Kuwait was founded in 2003. It is a private university based on the American model of higher education in Kuwait City. The motto of AUK is “learn, think and become”. This university s the liberal arts institution dedicated to learning, scholarship and teaching. The university was accredited in 2006 and re-accredited by 2015 by Private Universities Council. AUK provides different academic and non-academic services which include administrative, library and sports facilities. The university has 114 faculty members and 81% of them are PhDs. AUK faculty comprised of qualified groups of the national and international students who experience the American style of higher education. The university has core business departments which provide the support and service to the community. Every unit gives the range of important services for supporting the university in the academic, technological and executive needs.

Courses offered by AUK

The university offers quality education to students based on the American college model by the thirteen programs of degree.

  • The American University of Kuwait has a college of Arts and Sciences which offers different courses to students. This college offers general education and leading programs of undergraduate and graduate degrees. This college offers Bachelor of Arts in the graphic design, Media and communication, International Relations, English and Social and Behavioral Science. This college also offers non-degree programs which include foreign and Arabic languages, natural and math sciences, drama and music and gulf studies certificate program.
  • The intensive English program of AUK help students to seek admission to academic programs by enabling them to gain sufficient excellent in the English language. Intensive English Program provides the instruction of the English language and also promote the intercultural, self-understanding and international.
  • The American University of Kuwait has College of engineering and applied science. This college committed to cultivating the innovative and inspiring learning environment which contributes to the culture of learning drives by core values of the liberal arts education. This college offers degree programs of bachelor of engineering in computer engineering, electrical engineering and system engineering. It also offers a bachelor of science in information systems and a bachelor of science in computer science. CEAS commit to cultivating the innovative and inspiring learning environment which contributes to the culture of learning which is driven by core values of the liberal arts of education. This college establish the presence
  • AUK has a college of business and economics which prepares the students by the educational American experience combing professional practices and intellectual challenge for the careers in Kuwait. This college offers degree programs of bachelor of business administration in marketing, accounting, finance, economics, human resources management and management. CBE gives the American educational experience by producing the innovative, ethical and articulate graduates. This college focus on emphasizing the environmental, social and ethical responsibility across the curriculum. It enhances and develops the communication skills in American English language. The college of business and economics leads the academic unit that recognized the regional, international and local institutional distinctiveness by accomplishments of the graduates.

Best Business Courses

The best business courses of the American University of Kuwait include Bachelor in accounting, marketing, management and finance.

  • The accounting course is at the heart of the company and functions to measure all business transactions. The business courses provide business, marketing, accounting and finance knowledge about the conceptual and practical business and the use in the decision-making in personal and professional life.
  • Management course opens the opportunities for initiation and creativity of the new businesses.
  • Economics is one of the best business courses in AUK which make choices for allocating the resources for production, distribution and consumption of services and goods. The BBA in the economics complements the business concentration and social sciences for giving a strong foundation for the graduate students in the economics and other business courses.


The fees and tuition are applicable to all students whether they enrolled as the degree-seeking visiting or the non-degree students. The American University of Kuwait offers the pre-university English program with the charges of KD 1,750 tuition fees per level. The university charge KD 175 per credit hour in the undergraduate level courses. Most of the courses are of 3 credit hours and students complete minimum 120 credit hours for obtaining the Bachelor’s degree from the university. Students of AUK are permitted for taking 18 credit hours minimum in a semester. The other charges and additional fees of special course depend on the course requirements. The library and technology fees also added per semester which is not refundable. The library fines are also determined by the library director and other charges and fees are also applicable for IEP and UG courses and students of the university are responsible for the cost of textbooks and the course supplies and materials. One semester has 12 credit hours and university fees also include student activities, library and technology. The total fees of the semester are KD 2,215. The total fees and tuition of one academic year whether spring and fall semester is KD 4,430.

The American University of Kuwait also offers scholarships. The scholarship subject to PUG scholarship regulations and rules. For registering courses, students enter into the legal binding contract with the AUK and obligated for paying related student charges and fees that include non-refundable charges and fees. Students need to settle the accounts before the start of the class and to have the satisfactory payment arrangements of student charges and fees. Charges and fees are payable in the finance department of AUK.

Comparison with other Universities

AUK is the private and independent arts institution of higher education in Kuwait. The administrative structure, cultural, methods, standards and education of the American University of Kuwait based on American learning model. The university offers bachelor and master degrees and also pre-under graduation English improvement programs. AUK offers arts, engineering and business programs to students. It provides sports and library facilities to students and have sports courts and grounds.

  • Abu Dhabi University is the for-profit private education institute in Abu Dhabi. The courses offered in the university lead to the recognized education degrees like bachelor, doctorate and master degrees in different subjects. ADU gives all academic and non-academic facilities to the students like sports, library, scholarships and financial aids.
  • ACK is a private college and offers vocational education programs only. It offers unique learning courses to students in vacations. ACK provide the internationally recognized training and education to Engineering, Maritime and Aviation sectors. AUK is the best university in Kuwait which offers degree courses to undergraduate and graduate students. ACK also contributes to the employment sector and also produce the skilled, professional and knowledgeable candidates for the economy of Kuwait. AUK is a leading university in Kuwait. Australian College of Kuwait is lower in country ranking.


The American University of Kuwait in on 164 number in the Middle East best universities ranking. It is on 3rd number in Kuwait universities ranking. AUK is one of the leading private university in Kuwait country. It is on the 2nd number on Kuwait City university ranking.


Why to choose AUK

The university provides benefits of the general education broad to students an in-depth education in the discipline. The studies support the student’s professional and personal growth. The faculty of AUK have highly qualified academics with the experience of the American style of higher education. The student ration faculty is 1 to 17 which provide an environment to the students in which the students get to know their classmates and professors. The staff and faculty work harder for fostering the environment where development of student receives support and attention.

The American University of Kuwait has the no tolerance policy towards the physical altercations and use of weapons, dangerous materials and alcohol use. The university also offers athletic facilities to the students which include basketball, volleyball and tennis courts. The university owns the academic collection of more than 43,424 physical items and rapidly expanding collection of the electronic materials and resources in information formats. The library of the university has parallel academic programs and also supports the disciplines. The university also received the acclaims for the excellence of the information network. It contains the large library which supports teaching, learning and research needs of the AUK community by the information resources, innovative and expert services.

The university serves the students with the attentive, caring, high-quality and personalized academic experiences which support the intellectual personal and professional development. BBA students may pursue a career in different areas of finance, economics, marketing or management and accounting. AUK is the best in the business courses. The programs offer the entrepreneurial experience and also opens the door of startup for every individual orientation. The MBA graduates can get qualified work in a not-for-profit organization, government entities and industries. It prepares students in different programs with the specializes tools and knowledge important for the profe3ssional success in the future of the students. The students receive the comprehensive education that blend in tradition of arts education.

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