Applied Biostatistics in Healthcare Administration (HCM 506)

Public Health Department Health Sciences College
  HCM506 Course Code: Applied Biostatics in  Healthcare Administration Course Name
3 hours Contact Hours 3 credit Hours Credit Hours
  English   Arabic Teaching Language
HCM505 Prerequisite Level 2 Course Level
Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to important topics in biostatistical concepts and reasoning. It also represents an introduction to basic concepts covering study designs and sample size computation.  Students will be introduced how to apply basic theoretical concepts of biostatistics in health science, epidemiology, and public health. Knowledge about measurement scales, types of variables and data along with various statistical methods for summarizing and presenting different types of data will be provided. The concept of probability with its applications in epidemiology and public health will be introduced. The course concludes with a moderate level presentation of important probability distributions applied commonly in epidemiology and public health. The whole program will be delivered in an application oriented way by giving more weightage for problem solving.


Course learning outcomes:

1.      Write data from a population sample and create reports for use in healthcare administration.

2.      Define the concepts and frameworks and different research methods used in biostatistics related to healthcare administration

3.      Explain the role of biostatistics in assessing the development, progression of various problem, risk factors among population, different methods of data visualization

4.      Evaluate data and draw appropriate inferences by applying a variety of analytical tools.


Major Course Topics:
1.      Introduction to Biostatistics
2.      Study Designs
3.      Quantifying the Prevalence and Incidence of Disease
4.      Summarizing Data Collected in a Defined Population Sample
5.      The Role of Probability
6.      Confidence Interval Estimates
7.      Hypothesis Testing Procedures
8.      Power and Sample Size Determination
9.      Multivariable Methods
10.  Nonparametric Tests
11.  Distribution-Free Methods
12.  Survival Analysis
13.  Survival Analysis with R Statistics
14.  Data Visualization
  Assignments   Quizzes   Mid-Term Exams Grading:
   Lab Work   Project   Final Exam

 -Sullivan, L. M. (2018) Essentials of Biostatistics in Public Health. Jones & Bartlett Learning (3ed ed). ISBN: 9781284108194

 – Dalgaard, P. (2008) Introductory Statistics with R. Springer (2ed ed). ISBN: 9780387790534

Text Book:

Susan K. Grove (2007) Statistics for Health Care Research. Elsevier Science Health Science Division


Reference Book (s):

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