AUM-American university of Middle East


The American University of the Middle East was established in 2008 in Kuwait. It is a private university with more than 10000 students. It is the leading educational institution in Kuwait. It offers multiple academic programs for graduate and undergraduate students. The education institute is designed to give the intellectually challenging and engaging environment with students.

AUM provide the interactive learning environment which facilitates the development of the leaders that committed to the culture, professionalism and ethical values. It adopts the learner Centered Approach to assure high-quality education and also focus on critical thinking and innovation. The university offers world-class programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Its students not only achieve outstanding results in academic programs but also international and national sports and athletics competitions. It offers vibrant university life to students with ongoing activities, library, clubs, seminars, societies and art cultural centres.

Courses offered by AUM

  • The college of Business Administration in AMU offers innovative business courses by a learner-centred approach which enables the students to exceed in the dynamic global and local business environment. It gives world-class education in business. The two-degree programs are Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Finance, Marketing and Management Information Systems. It also provides MBA to undergraduate business degrees.
  • The college of Engineering and Technology in AUM strives to shape the leaders that provide solutions to every problem by personal and professional development of students. It offers Computer engineering, Industrial engineering, Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering and Architecture engineering.
  • AUM also offers pre-college English preparation program to undergraduate students. The efficient English language program in AUM is required for the students and fulfil their educational goals standards.
  •  It offers pre-college Math program which is mandatory for the engineering programs. This course is the preparation course for Algebra, Trigonometry and Functions. AUM also offers Telecommunications and Networking Technology program to prepare the graduates to work productively as the network architects, security specialists and administrators to emerge the problems in the field.

Research and Innovation

The university prepares its students to become future leaders and apply the learning and creating in the educational AUM journey. AUM’s innovative labs and centres facilitate in the place and offer groundbreaking technologies and the resources designed to facilitate the students by experiential learning. The centres and laboratories are the states of art facilities at AUM to advance the student’s experiential learning, entrepreneurship skills and technological innovation.

The students of AUM achieved excellent results in the competitions which relate to the innovation in the international and local competitions. AUM also offers a grant for the research funding and conferences attendance which aims at maintaining knowledge of faculty members at cutting sciences edges and support to conduct the research and ensure the release of the research results.

American University of the Middle East AUM has the Arts department that strives to help the students to gain knowledge in a wide range of different subjects. It provides the courses in Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Humanities. These courses enable students to become individually well-rounded. The knowledge helps the students to get good soft skills like teamwork, communication, leadership and language combines with the critical thinking and creative skills. The coursed offered by Liberal Arts department go beyond academic life and also harness the potential in learner for becoming the leader with the broadened vision in the community. This department contributes to preparing the students for the leadership roles which provide advantages in society. The art area consists of arts and design, music, photography, fashion and theatre. It also develops career skills, leadership skills, thinking skills and management development. AUM’s leadership understand the future and current challenges and focus to shape the future leaders that can direct and guide the economies ad industries in future and grounds in technology and innovation.

Best courses offered by AUM

Its business college and engineering college offers the best courses for undergraduate and graduate students. MBA of the business administration is well recognized as the model of excellence in learning, engagement and innovation in the business education. It offers world-class business administration coursed with concentrations in management information systems, finance, marketing and human resource management. The American University of the Middle East enrols more than ten thousand students in different academic programs of engineering and business. The MBA program of the university develop the entrepreneurial mindset of students in acting and assessing the opportunities. Students make business decisions in the multinational context. Students exhibit the advanced skills and knowledge in the business leadership and they solve the difficult business problems by critical thinking.


The American University of the Middle East has different business, engineering programs and pre-undergraduate programs for students.

  • Its fees are in between KWD 4,500-6,000. The fees for undergraduate courses are different from the graduate courses at university.
  • The admission and application test fees of the university is KWD 30/- one-time fees only.
  • The enrollment deposit is 300 KWD with 110 KWD of additional internet subscription, student activities and digital library fees.
  • The courses of businesses administration have 240 KWD fees per credit hour. The engineering courses has 260 KWD fees per credit hour and Telecommunication networking system and information system technology courses have 240 KWD fees per credit hour. Students take a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester. The university charge full tuition fees on repeating the courses.

Comparison of AUM with other universities

AUM and Gulf University for science and technology are located in Kuwait.

  • According to QS ranking 2021, both are on 801-1000.
  • Both are private universities but the research in AUM is low as compared to the Gulf University for science and technology.
  • There is a total of 611 international students in AUM and 346 international students in another university.
  • The Arab Region Ranking of AUM is 61-70 and Gulf University for Science and Technology has 51-60 Arab Region Ranking.

The American University of the Middle East is a private university and the University of Washington is a public university in the United States.

  • The University of Washington’s QS rank 2021 is #72 but AUM is #801.
  • The University of Washington is high in research and technology and one of the famous universities in the USA. AUM’s ranking history remains the same from 2019 to 2021 as it didn’t fall. AUM prides on being on the Oasis of learning in the Kuwait ad have international and local accreditation. It contains world-class faculty with the top-notch professional, research and academic experience.

 It’s ranking in Kuwait, Middle East and International ranking

The American University of the Middle East is accredited by Private Universities Council as the top-ranked university in Kuwait. AUM is very famous not only in Kuwait but also in the Middle East. The American University of the Middle East AUM is one of the best top private universities. It ranked #801-1000 in the 2021 QS Global World University Rankings. It is on 3rd number on Kuwait ranking.


Why choose American University of the Middle East

American University of the Middle East distinguished by the ability to teach how to set the priorities in work and life. It also guides to choose the career for showcasing the strengths in professional life and provide an advantage to community and country. The university started the journey by small building and in a start, only hundreds of students enrolled in the early years in the private university. Now, AMU has more than the 11 thousand students and it is the integrated campus. The university provides extracurricular activities to students and also arrange seminars for students to make them confident and strong for the future. AUM seeks to equip the students with the academic foundation by career skills, ethical values and professional behavior. American University of the Middle East achieved success by motivating the students to develop knowledge beyond education by providing them with the best learning experience. The curriculum AUM is the reflection of the educational philosophy and orbits the four compatible integrated components which assist the students in the creative learning processes. 

The university has more than 700 number of staff. It has a modern and well-designed library which offer a wide range of the references and scientific data and the rich collection of electronic and print resources. The sports centre of AUM comprises the gym and also offer outdoor and indoor playgrounds which include FIFA football field, the court of basketball, handball, tennis and other aerobics halls. The cultural centre of the university comprises Opera House and Conference Center. The research and innovation centre of AUM includes robotics and nanotechnology centre that is developed with the support of Purdue University located in the USA. The American University of the Middle East has many achievements in academic excellent programs in the Middle East. MBA students may pursue a career in different areas of finance, economics, marketing or management and accounting. The programs offer the entrepreneurial experience and also opens the door of startup for every individual orientation. The MBA graduates can get qualified work in a not-for-profit organization, government entities and industries.

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