Gulf university for science and technology


Gulf university for science and technology is first private institute which is established in the Kuwait. The motto of the university is “A university for Life”. It was established in 2002 in West Mishref. GUST has the group distinguished businessmen and academicians of Kuwaiti realized importance to establish the university equal to prestigious universities to serve raising educational demands of local society. GUST prepare the generations of the professionals and leaders for demands of the global technological era. GUST improved the organizational and educational capacities that increase the enrollments. It also conferred the diplomas on the four hundred graduates.

Courses offered by Gulf university for science and technology

The university offered graduation and under graduation programs to students.

  • The college of Arts and Science offer computer science, humanities and social sciences, mathematics and natural sciences and mass communication degrees. The purpose of the college is to ensure efficient services with the strong vision of the university. It gives the best education along with the best important tools to become knowledgeable and wise leaders in academia, industry and different areas of the societies. This college also consist of English and mathematics departments which prepares the students to knowledgeable leaders by giving them the interdisciplinary foundation in arts and science and also emphasize the scientific and intercultural awareness. The college design for fostering the intercultural competence and it also encourage for the creative thinking.
  • The college of Business Administration commit for achieving the excellence in impactful research, teaching and the collaborative relationships with regional and local communities in the learning environment which promotes ethics, entrepreneurial and leadership spirit. This college offers the undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Marketing, Finance, Management Information System and Accounting. The graduates’ programs also run in the disciplined and friendly environment.

Best courses offered by Gulf university for science and technology

Gulf university for science and technology offers undergraduate programs and has two colleges. It offers Bachelor of Science in computer science, Arts in English literature, Arts in mass communication and arts in English secondary education. It also offers Bachelor of Science in marketing, accounting, business administration, finance, international business.

Fees structure of Gulf university for science and technology

  • The tuition fees of English and math foundation level is 630 per semester. The undergraduate tuition fees is 210 per credit hour and graduate tuition is 240 per credit hour.
  • The fees paid according to the stipulations of the university. The deferment of the payment stated in approved and writing form by authorized service.
  • The fees of summer courses are also same as the regular semesters courses. The fees of summers paid in advance and full amount.
  • GUST also offers scholarships which covers the full payment of the tuition fees and specific tuition fees. The scholarship program established to reward the excellent students of the gulf university for science and technology with the opportunities for academic and personal growth. GUST offers it to the limited students to enrich the academic experience by international study. The university has the agreements with the recognized academic institutions for the students.
  • GUST also offers the discount of 50% to the employees of the spouses and children. The university offers the discount to the siblings if the two of the children of same family studied in the university. Three children get 15% discount in each fees. More than three siblings get 20% in total semester fees.

Gust alos offers the athletic programs for both women and men. It has the basketball court and football grounds. The university has football, volleyball, tennis and squash teams. The gulf university for science and technology has the music club which is composed of the students that play the music instruments which include guitar, piano, organ, violin, oud and drums. The university has core business departments which provide the support and service to the community. Every unit gives the range of important services for supporting the university in the academic, technological and executive needs. The knowledge helps the students to get good soft skills like teamwork, communication, leadership and language combines with the critical thinking and creative skills. The coursed offered by Liberal Arts department go beyond academic life and also harness the potential in learner for becoming the leader with the broadened vision in the community. The art club of the university offers the classes to the students that are interesting to develop the artistic abilities. The art club classes include painting, drawing and sketching. All equipment and materials provided by the university. The university also offers a grant for the research funding and conferences attendance which aims at maintaining knowledge of faculty members at cutting sciences edges and support to conduct the research and ensure the release of the research results

Learning is the reinforced by close interactions in students and faculty which extends by educational approach.

Comparison with other Universities

The students of GUST also appreciate and understand cultures and traditions which contributes to mosaic of globalizing societies which respect of Islamic heritage and values. The strong English language is compulsory for all the degrees.

Ranking of Gulf university for science and technology

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