Research Methodology in health management (HCM 505)

Public Health Department Health Sciences College
  HCM – 505 Course Code: Research Methodology in health management Course Name
3 hours Contact Hours 3 credit Hours Credit Hours
  English   Arabic Teaching Language
None Prerequisite Level 1 Course Level
Course Description:

This course will provide the students with the basics of research and a broad introduction to the methodological foundations and tools to make research. The course covers the basics of research methodology for graduate level students and introduces the language of research, ethical principles and challenges, and the elements of the research process within quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods approaches. Participants will use theoretical aspects to begin to critically review literature relevant to their field of interests. Students will learn how to identify problems to study, develop hypotheses and research questions, specify independent and dependent variables, check for the validity and reliability of studies and design research projects. They will be exposed to a broad range of designs used in their researches from laboratory and field experiments, surveys, content analysis, focus groups and in-depth interviewing

Course learning outcomes:

1.      Describe the use of statistical software and other tools in data analysis for contrast, comparemethods of collecting and analyzing data.

2.      Define the research process and its importance to furthering knowledge in the field of healthcare management.

3.      Explain the range of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research methodologies available, including their strengths and limitations.

4.      Illustrate a research proposal addressing a healthcare problem.

5.      Evaluate ethical research practices and principles in healthcare research.


Major Course Topics:


1.      Introduction to Healthcare Research
2.      Planning and Preparing for Research
3.      Reviewing Literature and Proper Citation
4.      Quantitative Study Approaches: Observational Studies
5.      Experimental Studies and Correlational Studies
6.      Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research Methodologies
7.      Ethical Considerations
8.      Designing the Study
9.      Collecting Primary Data
10.  Secondary and Tertiary Data
11.  Managing and Analyzing Data
12.  Software and Other Tools Used in Healthcare Research
13.  Article Structure
14.  Disseminating Research
  Assignments   Quizzes   Mid-Term Exams Grading:
   Lab Work   Project   Final Exam

Kathryn H. Jacobsen (2020) Introduction to Health Research Methods (3ed ed)

Jones & Bartlett Publishers. ISBN: 9781284197563

Text Book:
Karen (Kay) M. Perrin(2014) Principles Of Evaluation And Research For Health Care Programs Jones & Bartlett Publishers, 

Julius Sim (2013)Research in Health Care: Designs and Methods Nelson Thornes Ltd. ISBN 13: 9780748737185

Reference Book (s):

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