SEU Strategic Management ( MGT401 )






College of Administrative & Financial Sciences





Strategic Management Course Code: MGT401
Credit Hours 3 Credit Hours Contact Hours 3
Language Arabic   English
College Req. Dep. Req. Concentration
Level Level 7 Prerequisite MGT 201+FIN 101
 Course Description:

 The course examines the processes of formulating and implementing strategies, and the critical thinking behind the multifaceted role of organizations in complex business environments. Focuses on strategy issues in and between a range of commercial and public organizations, from entrepreneurial firms to multinational corporations.

 Course Learning Outcomes:

 1.        Distinguish between different types and levels of strategy and strategy implementation (Lo 1.1 & Lo 1.2)

2.        Understand the basic concepts and terminology used in Strategic Management. (Lo 1.2).

3.        Understand issues related to strategic competitive advantage in diversified organizations (Lo 2.2)


4.       Gain insights into the strategy-making processes of different types of organizations ( Lo 1.7)

5.       Identify opportunities and threats as well as strengths and weakness in the operating environment of hypothetical and real-world organizations (Lo 2.9)

 6.       Understand the contribution of various functional areas e.g. production, marketing, purchasing and supply management to the overall well-being of the organization ( Lo 1.2.)

7.       Identify appropriate strategies for different situations (Lo 3.1).

8.       Explain how executive leadership is an important part of strategic management. (Lo 3.4)

9.       Communicate issues, output, results, and recommendations orally in class presentation (Lo 4.2).

10.   Communicate ideas coherently, and effectively (Lo 4.4).

11.   Writing Assignments with necessary tables/charts/graphs and diagrams (Lo 4.5).

 Course Major Topics:

 1.        Basic Concepts of Strategic Management

2.        Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Ethics in Strategic Management

3.        Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis

4.        Internal Scanning: Organizational Analysis

5.        Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy

6.        Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy

7.        Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice Strategy Implementation: Organizing for Action

8.        Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing

9.        Evaluation and Control


 Learning Resources

 ·         Textbook

Thomas L. Wheelen, J. David Hunger, Alan N. Hoffman, Charles E. Bamford: Concepts in

Strategic Management and Business Policy (14th Edition), Prentice Hall; 14 edition (February 1, 2014), ISBN-13: 978-013312612


 Course works (assignments, quizzes, projects, case studies, board discussion):             25%

Midterm exam                                                                                                                                25%

Final Exam                                                                                                                                      50%


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