Top 12 Universities in Kuwait


Do you know which university is best to study in Kuwait? Well, if you are unaware about top ranking universities in Kuwait then you are at right place. This article will help you find top ranking universities of Kuwait so that you can easily get admission in the university of your choice according to your last grades and financial status. Below are top 12 universities of Kuwait from which you can find a university to study in Kuwait in future, according to their world ranking;

1. Kuwait University

In 1966, Decree Law No. 29 was established under which modifications were made about universities. As a result, in 1966 Kuwait University was founded through making improvement through Decree Law No. 29. The University has a rich history with its rapid growth and development in terms of establishing new departments and colleges under the control of Kuwait University. College of arts, college of science, college of education, and college for women are main colleges under the control of Kuwait University. Other colleges that were later established by Kuwait University include college of law, college of Islamic Studies, college of business, college of economics, and college of political science as well. Credit hour system is the main academic system at the Kuwait University.

An aptitude test is required to get admission in the university, while becoming part of major and minor degree programs at Kuwait University. The ranking of the Kuwait University is linked with its broad range of academic departments working to promote diverse range of graduates and post graduate students according to academic success of students. Therefore, it is one of the best options to study in Kuwait University with its diverse range of departments and affiliated colleges over which students can easily do whatever they want to do according to their secondary level grades and aptitude result as well. Almost 40,000 students can get admission at one time and the faculty members range from 31-1565.

2. Gulf University for Science & Technology

Gulf University for Science & Technology is the second ranked university in Kuwait, after the establishment of Kuwait University. In fact, in 1997 41 faculty members of Kuwait University laid down the real basis of GUST. The university is private by means of the fact that well-known businessmen and Kuwaiti academicians supported the development and establishment of GUST to form a modern university to provide quality education with equality. The global ranking of ‘GUST’ ranges from 801-1000 according to QS Global World University Rankings 2021 and 51-60 among other Arab region universities.

More than 100 faculty members of GUST are from international nations with almost 154 of total faculty members. Multiple range of science and technology-based programs and diplomas are offered at the GUST and total number of students at GUST are 3, 169. The university offers many graduate and postgraduate programs actively, especially well-known because of its international courses which are worth taking courses at GUST. The students of the university can also attain the chance to study abroad through the support of GUST and, therefore, nurturing active student life as a whole that makes the university as one of the best options to study in Kuwait.  

3. The American University of the Middle East

In 2005, the American University of the Middle East was established as one of the top and leading education institutions with its two major colleges; the college of engineering and technology, and the college of business administration. Additionally, the university is also offering Liberal Arts Program along with English Preparatory Program as well. The intellectual and challenging study environment of AUM have made the university as leading institution providing world-class graduate and postgraduate level programs and degrees and, therefore, the main slogan of the university says “Oasis of learning.” The success and educational effectiveness of AUM is just because of its leadership and faculty, covering both national and global level study programs for students with the sole intention to develop leaders in future.

Wide area of almost 261, 190 square meters also makes the university appealing along with the local and global recognition and certifications as well. The major programs involve finance, MIS, Accounting, HRM, Entrepreneurship, and Marketing. Also, because of the strong support for university student the university has long established Tawteen Career Center, Writing Lab, Tutoring Center, and an Academic Advancement Center. All these aspects mutually make the university as highly education-oriented institution in Kuwait and, therefore, studying at the American University of Kuwait is one of the best options to select.

4. College of Technological Studies

College of technological studies is one of the leading universities of Kuwait in the field of technology. The name of the college was changed many times such as in 1977 the college was named as Kuwait Institute for Applied Technology, in 1983 it was Kuwait Institute for technology, and in 1987 the name was College of Technological Studies (CTS). The only reason behind the process of changing name of the College of Technological Studies is linked with the constant growth and development of the college as a modern educational institution, while adopting modern technologies as part of the curricula. In the field of technology as well as construction, the college has produced a number of engineers and other technical personalities. Wide range of technical departments in the college have made the college as one of the best institution to study technical courses involving, electronic engineering technology, petroleum engineering technology, chemical engineering technology, manufacturing engineering technology, civil technology, electrical technology, automotive and marine technology, mechanical power and refrigeration technology, and laboratory technology as well. Therefore, it is the best option to study technical and engineering-related fields of study in Kuwait with other perks and quality education environment.

5. American University of Kuwait

The American University of Kuwait is among top five universities of Kuwait especially because of the business and economics-related curricula programs. Especially within the field of business studies, the university has gained a reputation in the past couple of years, in Kuwait. Students who are more likely to study business-related programs with the intention to become part of their family businesses and those who are intended to establish their new business have the best option to study in American University of Kuwait.

The business and economics-related programs of the university include, BBA in management, BBA in Economics, BBA in Human Resource Management, BBA in Accounting, BBA in Marketing, and BBA in Finance. All of these are degree-based programs and students can find it easy to study the intended degree at American University of Kuwait. The core values of the university are appealing over which the university has been providing, freedom of intellectual inquiry, expression, and thought, whereas offering the environment of respect for individuals and cultural diversity. High level of ethics and professional standards also make the university reputable among other educational institutions of Kuwait.

6. Arab Open University Kuwait

The Arab Open University Kuwait is one of the non-profit Open University in the whole Arab region. President of the Arab Gulf Development Program (AGFUND), HRH Prince Talal Bin Abdulaziz, in 1996 laid down the actual basis of the Arab Open University Kuwait. The aim of the university is to have constant growth in social, scientific, and cultural spheres, in order to make the university as non-conventional academic institution. For doing so, in 2002, Arab Open University Kuwait established a strategic partnership with the Open university in the United Kingdom, making the Open University more reliable and worthy to get admission. Another success factor behind the reputation of Arab Open University is its virtual learning facility for both national and international students. More than 53, 984 students have been produced by the Arab Open University Kuwait till now, graduated from 9 different campuses including students from more than 143 international countries.

7. Australian College of Kuwait

The Australian College of Kuwait was established in 2004, as the first private technical college of Kuwait. In maritime, the college was first started like a vocational training institute but later it gained the position of university by the higher education. In academics, the college is offering vocational degree programs involving aviation programs, business programs, engineering programs, and English language program as well. In this regard, the university has many strategic partners providing jobs to deserving students of the Australian College of Kuwait. The job security is one of the plus points for hard working and talented students who study at Australian College of Kuwait. The professional growth of students and other learners at the college is the major organizational objective of Australian College of Kuwait, whereas polishing personal and practical knowledge and skills of people to fulfill their needs and, therefore, getting admission in Australian College of Kuwait is a chance to improve the professional outlook of passionate people.

8. American College of the Middle East

In 2003, the American College of the Middle East was established like one of the main educational institutions offering higher applies learning. In this concern, the college has been offering various associate diploma programs in different fields including engineering technology, business administration, and technology as well. The college has earned both national and international reputation especially because of the fact that the college has been improving its curricula outlook according to the local and global market needs. The educational philosophy of the college is linked with the ability to learn to perform. In other words, the college is more likely to apply the literary knowledge and other facts and figures that students learn through faculty in a practical manner so that the ‘learning by doing’ philosophy can be followed in an effective manner. Therefore, the American College of the Middle East is one of the best option to study in Kuwait, especially when a student is more likely to use and perform the acquired knowledge in practical form.  

9. Kuwait International Law School

In 2008, under the Amiri Decree No. 144 as well as through the support of the license from Private Universities Council, Ministry of Higher Education, Kuwait International Law School was founded. To support the legal outlook of Kuwait, this law school was founded as the first private school to fulfill national law requirements, while using the comparative technique to link academic tenure of students of Kuwait International Law College with the legal system of Kuwait, especially. Due to the weak legal system of the Arab world, as a whole, the law school is more likely to go along with the Anglo-American and European styles of providing legal education to students so that legal professionals can be produced that can best utilize their knowledge and practical skills in legal proceedings of Kuwaiti courts. The law school is offering both bachelor and master level degree programs and taking admission in the law school is easy and everyone can get admission in the law school simply by applying, just because of the private nature of the law school.

10. Box Hill College for Women

Box Hill College for women is founded in 2007, in Kuwait, as one of the private colleges for women of Kuwait. Later in 2008, the college has gained the status of a university just because of its extended campus in Australia named as Box Hill Institute. In fact, in 2007, the college gained great reputation and turned as one of the main educational institution in Kuwait. The college is a perfect place to nurture the intellectual abilities of women with the sole intention to develop them as leaders. The lifetime knowledge delivery process of Box Hill College for Women has paved the way for women of Kuwait to become part of practical internship programs, workshops in various domains, and guest lectures to increase the level of learning experiences of women, in a long run. The main categories of academic programs that Box Hill College of Women offering involve business studies, applied arts and design, and foundation studies as well. Other technical programs at Box Hill College for women include basic Math skills, basic computer skills courses along with EFL course as well. Therefore, getting admission in this college will be the good option, especially for women of Kuwait.

11. Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization

Under the order of an Amiri Decree through H.H the Amir of Kuwait, the Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization was established in 1984. Since 1984, KIMS has been producing both physicians as well as dentists, while providing quality education and training in the domain of medical. Multiple medical-based specialties has been offering through KIMS, under the control and authority of Ministry of Health due to which KIMS has now become the leading medical institute in Kuwait. With the help and practical experiences of physicians and dentists, KIMS has been striving to serve the community of Kuwait while using medical advocates over their expertise. KIMS also offers multiple medical-oriented internship programs, especially offering medical training and required support to train medical experts, particularly in the domain of internal medicine, pediatrics, general surgery, obstetrics, gynecology, and elective rotation according to choice of medical experts as well. Other medical programs of KIMS involve residency training programs and fellowships, comprise of several structured medical exams and training as well. Recently, KIMS has joined hand with Royal College of Physicians and surgeons of Canada with the sole intention to improve the outlook of medical-bases training programs and to meet the international standards of medical practices. Therefore, the high standard of providing quality education is one of the best options to study in KIMS, Kuwait.

12. MSM Kuwait

Masstricht School of Management is basically the business and management-related oldest international school in Netherlands. However, with the ability to provide quality education through online system of education, especially, MSM has now turned as MSM Kuwait, as original MSM is now extended in the region of Kuwait with the intention to provide MBA program to more than 1200 students each year to Kuwaiti students, for last 13 years. Today, with the modern educational vision and mission, MSM Kuwait is now offering various business and management related programs and other course, especially for people who are more likely to study seasonally. The meaningful learning experience of MSM Kuwait has made it possible to attract intended number of students from Kuwait to get enrolled in MSM Kuwait in last couple of years.  The major programs offered at MSM Kuwait are under MBA program, involving both management and business studies. The way to get enrolled at MSM Kuwait is not tough and only needs students who can make sure about their studies even if they are studying seasonally, the MSM Kuwait is more likely to promote such student who lack physical access to universities to further improve their educational backgrounds.

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