70 Useful Exploratory Essay Topic Examples and ideas 2021


There are many forms of essays that are utilized for writing by the writers. The pattern and method of each of the essays are different. The most common types of essays include exploratory essays, narrative essays, descriptive essays, argumentative essays, and expository essays.

In this article, the pattern, writing methods,  some cool topics to research, and samples of the exploratory essays would be discussed. The exploratory essay is a short essay that is based on non-fiction (Nordquist, 2019). In this essay, the writer researches and finds out about the problem. The writer also investigates and examines a specific experience or idea. However, that doesn’t need to provide support to the claim of any person. It can be presented as a ruminative, conjectural, and digressive essay.

Description for Writing Exploratory Essays

Many writers have described the exploratory essays. For instance, according to William Zeiger, exploratory compositions and exploratory essays are quite different from each other as exploratory composition involves the confinement of the reader towards an unambiguous perception or idea (Nordquist, 2019). It provides the readers with at least one valid interpretation of the provided logic and data. To be specific, the exploratory essay is an open work of non-fiction prose that lacks clarity and incorporates ambiguity in writing. It is more complicated and complex, permitting more than one reading or reply to any kind of work.

In simple words, it can be taken as the academic essay or paper in which the writer addresses or delivers its perspective on a specific situation, incident, event, subject, or topic. To describe the exploratory essay, it can be demonstrated that it is quite different from other types of essays, especially argumentative essays. In this type of essay, the audience or readers are not convinced about the reasonableness of any topic or issue (Nordquist, 2019).

However, in this essay, the writer gives more information on specific problems and helps the readers to find out about them. The main reason can be to devise a preliminary conclusion on a particular issue to solve the conflict related to it. Another important point that needs to be considered about exploratory essay writing is that the style of writing in this essay is retrospective, in essence stimulating the thinking process as the writers’ researchers and explores the problem. It gives the description of how, when, and why a particular type of research was performed and what is its essence. In the research process, the writer learns how it resolves the problems that need analysis and writing. For this, it is significant for the writer to include the thinking process and be introspective to shape the essay well and thought-provoking.

The pattern of exploratory writing in most cases includes the introduction section, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the introduction, the topic is briefly explained provided with its significance. Furthermore, a brief discussion would also be performed on the possible causes and reasons that led to that problem. It can also give the analysis of the people that were included and related to the specific issue. Finally, the solutions that are most likely to solve it can also be presented. It is basically a short overview, background, or outline of the essay following the body paragraphs.

In the body paragraphs, the inquiry or research process that was utilized by the writer would be discussed to carry on the research of your issue (Kearney, 2020). The data that would be included in this part would be the introduction to the specific sources. These sources can be the type of media, author, publication date, etc.

The information related to this topic that was found from the presented sources would also be discussed. Furthermore, the significance of the provided information and its relation to the problem would be discussed. The writer can also provide its self-analysis of how the sources assisted and helped the writer to think critically about the problem. You can also give information on how it led the research in a new direction and help in transformation.

Finally, in the conclusion section, the problem that was analyzes and explored would be restated or mentioned again. The causes of the problem and the people involved would be outlined. The most prominent solutions would be presented. If there was any question that was not addressed in the research, it could insert in the conclusion acting as a future implication for other writers (Kearney, 2020). Writers may include the limitations and further recommend some points that can further help in the research. In other words, the conclusion is the essence of the research in which the salient features and conclusions drawn with the help of the research process would be presented. The writers may include other sections in the essay; however, these act as the most prominent points of this type of essay.

To start writing about the exploratory essay, it is important to choose the topic wisely just to ensure that the required data related to this topic is available and easily assessable. In the article, the attractive topics and ideas for the exploratory essay for 2021 would be presented. As the world is continuously evolving, the researches that were carried out before losing their validity become less credible sources of information (Kearney, 2020). Due to evolution, there is a need to work on more interesting and informative ideas and topics of the exploratory essay that are written on current issues and affairs of the world. Furthermore, the information provided in these essays should be recent with the background and overview of older researches.

In this way, the modification is not restricted, leading to the development of thought-provoking and productive essays. A good exploratory topic can be written in different areas such as religion, culture, business, technology, family matters, politics, healthcare, physical and mental wellbeing, sports, and other social issues, etc.

Good Topics for Exploratory Essays

With the help of the provided sources and collected data, a well-formed essay can be written, providing the deep analysis and examination of specific topics in the light of logic and facts.

The topics on which the exploratory essay can be written on the family matters include:

  1. Adoption, a way to build your family.
  2. Negative outcomes of Divorce on a family.
  3. The hardships and hurdles of single-parenting.
  4. Single parents need more support from society.
  5. Important responsibilities of parents.
  6. Working parents and its consequences on the upbringing of children.
  7. Ways to develop better relationships in the siblings with the age difference.
  8. Perfect age for making family.
  9. Impact of family planning on the health of the mother.
  10. Best time for home separation between children and parents.
  11. Significance of bonding with distant family members.

The most recent Essay  topics on technology include the following;

  1. How social media invades the privacy of people.
  2. Are smartphones either increasing or decreasing our communication?
  3. Effect of fighting games on the minds of children.
  4. Role of recent games in restricting the developmental and social skills of children.
  5. Technology is the real culprit for limiting the outdoor activities of children.
  6. Role of research engines in limiting our memory.
  7. The negative impact of self-driving cars on the driving abilities of people.
  8. Role of Google in reducing our mental ability.
  9. Technology stimulates laziness.
  10. Artificial intelligence and its role in invading privacy.
  11. Reduction of employment rate due to technology.
  12. Artificial intelligence and computers are acting as teachers.

The exploratory essay ideas and topics related to mental and physical health and wellbeing include the following:

  1. Viability and effectiveness of treatment with Marijuana.
  2. Why talking about mental disorders are still considered taboo?
  3. Role of celebrities in creating ideal body image.
  4. Advantages of exercising daily.
  5. Dieting really has benefits on the physical and mental health of the body.
  6. Can dieting help in dealing with mental pressures?
  7. Is smoking the biggest cause of lung cancer.
  8. Why antibacterial are still used to deal with viruses.
  9. Effects of age on personal health modification and hygiene.
  10. Effects of early retirement on mental health.
  11. What is the best age for retirement to ensure mental stability?
  12. Can someone get addicted to exercise?

The exploratory essay topics related to sports include;

  1. How sports can help children to cope with failure.
  2. Significance of sports in physical and mental development.
  3. Effect of regional culture on sports.
  4. Effect of psychological factors in professional sports.
  5. Opportunity or determination, what holds more importance in sports?
  6. Role of sports in mental and physical wellbeing.
  7. Impact of marketing and advertisement on sports.
  8. Sports were leading to the stimulation of teamwork.
  9. Sports in building the stars of tomorrow.
  10. Sports acting as the shortcut to success?
  11. Training or talent—which has more impact on the success in sports.
  12. Ways to get more opportunities to attain success in sports.
  13. It is ethical to consider sportsmen as our ideals.
  14. COVID-19 would stimulate the end of ground sports.

The Cool Essay topics related to the area of  business Research for the exploratory essay include:

  1. Evolution of the Facebook.
  2. Role of technology in flourishing the businesses of the entrepreneurs.
  3. How the addition of an accounting curriculum can business management help the students in the future.
  4. What can be learned from the business strategies of Amazon?
  5. Benefits of moving the businesses to E-commerce.
  6. Artificial intelligence and business.

 Essay Topics and ideas for addressing major health issues on which the exploratory essays can be written are as follows:

  1. Global warming is a social or environmental issue.
  2. The seriousness of global warming.
  3. Why UN and NATO failed to address the major issues of the world.
  4. Political reasons behind deforestation.
  5. It is ethically irresponsible to ignore global issues.
  6. Our responsibility in dealing with environmental pollution.
  7. Would plastic usage end.
  8. Role of local government in solving global issues.
  9. Ways to create the difference in society.
  10. Oxygen shortage and its consequences.

Exploratory Essay Topics can also be written in the area of arts, literature, and music.

Some of it is also presented below.

  1. Effect of classical music on the activity of the brain.
  2. The reflection of the choice of music on the personality.
  3. Association of type of music with emotions.
  4. Language of music is universal?
  5. How music can help in relieving pain.
  6. Effect of musical instruments on enhancing the cognitive skills of children.
  7. Music: A form of therapy.
  8. How can music help in altering the mood?
  9. Evolution of music in the 21st
  10. Role of literature in nurturing minds.
  11. Theatre, performing arts providing joy to people.

 Exploratory essay topics  related to social issues include:

  1. How the internet and social media have affected social life.
  2. Impact of media in shaping our life.
  3. Why media needs to talk more about social issues.
  4. Effect of domestic issues health and wellbeing.
  5. Effect of online dating in modifying the relationship.
  6. Online dating ethically right or wrong.
  7. Impact of technology on society.
  8. Social media and false interpretation of life.
  9. Role of social media in the rise of celebrities.
  10. A decline in relationships and communication.

With the help of the samples or template, the students can take help to write the exploratory essay. With the help of these examples, the writers can create a well-written and organized essay. Many famous authors have written well-organized exploratory essays that can act as the template for the writers.

Examples of Exploratory Essays

Below are some prominent examples of exploratory essays:

  1. “The Battle of the Ants,” by Henry David Thoreau
  2. “How It Feels to Be Colored Me,” by Zora Neale Hurston
  3. “Street Haunting: A London Adventure,” by Virginia Woolf
  4. Naturalization,” by Charles Dudley Warner
  5. “New Year’s Eve,” by Charles Lamb

Below is the link on which the samples of the exploratory essays are provided. New writers can take help from these samples to build an effective and well-constructed exploratory essay.


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